Two top dog positions have been filled, one more open! Welcome Victor and Armando as newly elected leaders!


Victor has been elected as CEO/President aka “Chief Dog”!
Armando has been elected as COO/Vice President/Chief of Operations aka “Chief Puppy”!

The votes were unanimous, congrats to the newly elected leaders of the Christian Technology Club!

Meeting Agenda:
We discussed the future of the Christian Technology Club and organization principles, we will be looking to elect someone to the office of Treasurer to handle funds/money for the club.

Not many photos were taken at the meeting since we concentrated more on Audio, we setup and tested two new Wireless Microphone systems and 800-Watt speakers capable of streaming audio from a mobile phone or tablet etc and discussed a few basic principles of Audio Engineering in regards to using an Audio Mixer, in this case an Alesis MultiMix 8USB which everyone had some fun playing with its “Effects” making anyone sound very low and scary!

Looking forward to the next fun meetings, say congrats to Victor and Armando, and be sure to listen when they bark!
Or you might get bitten!! :)

God bless,